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2011 BMW 0 Series

2011 BMW 0 Series

It is kind of shocking but at the same time, great news. Yes, BMW is about to launch 0 Series in 2011. I’m very surprised, I didn’t expect at a 0 Series but I thinked about 2 Series, 4 Series, 8 Series and so on but not 0 Series. 2011 BMW 0 Series will be based on the Mini platform.

Under the BMW 0 Series’s hood will be a 3 cylinder and a 4 cylinder. These will be probably build at Oxford such as BMW Mini’s engines. The release date is not so sure, it varies between 2011 and 2013. 2011 BMW 0 Series will be a direct competitor to Audi A1 and Mercedes Benz A Class.

The car is pretty short, it looks like 1 Series but with 2 doors and of course, shorter. Probably that’s why they will build 0 Series on Mini platform; it will have probably the same sizes as a Mini. I think 2011 BMW 0 Series will be just a very powerfull city car but is not properly to the highway.


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