BMW C1-E Electric Concept Scooter

BMW C1-E Concept

BMW Motorrad announced that in 2015 will introduce a 2-wheel vehicle electric powered, the electric scooter concept C1-E. Based on a petrol C1 scooter, manufactured by BMW between 2000-2003, daring concept has an electric motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries, developed by U.S. company Vectrix.

The new C1-E presents a more compact modern design and scale but retains the unique features of the original model: the roof, roll-bar protection, seat with lateral support and seat belt. New C1 also have a more aerodynamic look with a lower centre of gravity, raked windscreen and a car-like boot.

As a scooter who wants to focus on safety, C1-E is equipped with tire pressure control, stability control, ABS and more. German producer mentions that he has no plan to introduce this model into mass production, but allow to understand it as a version of an engine equipped with environmentally it may appear in the coming years.
BMW C1-E ConceptBMW C1-E ConceptBMW C1-E Concept

BMW C1-E ConceptBMW C1-E ConceptBMW C1-E Concept

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