BMW 5-Series

BMW 5 Series E60 – Stop Production in December

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series E60 was a controversial model, is considered the purest expression of misunderstood genius Chris Bangle. The controversy will continue only until December this year. BMW 5 Series E60 occurred in 2004, creating a lot of controversy because of cutting-edge design, Chris Bangle mark.

Many appreciated the style opulence, while others felt that the Bangle style harm the image of BMW. This model will reach the end of the road soon. According Bimmerfile, a blog focused on brand Bavarian, BMW manufacturer is instructing dealers to not take special orders after October 9, 2009, following the series production will end in December.

Production of next generation F10 BMW 5 Series will start probably in early 2010, attending be introduced at the Geneva Salon in March 2010. Currently the only version that will be produced will be BMW 5 GT.

BMW 5 SeriesBMW 5 SeriesBMW 5 Series

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  1. BMW needed controversial for its ‘i-told-you-so’ designs. Chris Bangle cuts above the rest. Beautiful lines.

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