First Drive: BMW X1 xDrive20d


BMW X1 is the last SUV built by BMW. Now I see that BMW X1 looks pretty much like BMW X5; maybe this is the base design but smaller, and more important, cheaper, much more cheaper. BMW X1 is about to be launched in 2011 or probably next year, in 2010.

I just realised that BMW X1 will be available in diesel versions; thing that not really makes me happy. If you’re looking for a BMW X1, you can go for Performance Control introduced by BMW on X6. A very weird fact for me, is that BMW X1 weights just 1660 kg. I mean my car that is not a SUV, is a normal small car, weights over 2000 kg.

The gearbox has 6 speeds with automatic changer. If you really want to buy a BMW X1 at a very small price, you can go for 2×4 prefered with rear wheel drive but if it’s a SUV, I think it should be a 4×4 car. Can’t wait to see this car on streets.


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  1. Can’t believe it, just picked up my White X1 last night, she is beautiful. I just better not tell the wife

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