Drive Review: BMW X1


I wrote quie a lot about the new BMW X1 but I forgot to write about a drive review. In this post I will write about some few drive reviews of BMW X1. It is considered a mini SUV and is also the smalles SUV from BMW X Series. The great rival will be probably BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo because it was launched at Frankfurt Auto Show just like BMW X1.

At first think you would say that the car is small but just comparing it with other SUV’s; the interior is quite large. I think if you would see a BMW X1 and a BMW X3 next to each other, the differences would not be so big. The two wheel drive does not come into North America but however I would prefer the four wheel drive.

The xDrive28i will come first but there is a weird thing that I don’t belive it. I read that this first model will be built in 2011.


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  1. ramy elshazly says:

    X1 smart X solution

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