Win a BMW M3 with NFS Shift


I don’t know if you really like to play video games but I have to tell you that Need for Speed released a new game named “Shift” – Need for Speed Shift. In honor of launching this new game, they made some online contests where you can win a BMW M3, Xbox 360, Need for Speed Shift original copy, wireless racing wheels, concert tickets and many other great prizes.

They called these contests “missions” or “twitter missions”.  You can follow Need for Speed at @NeedforSpeed and you can read the “missions” on Need for Speed blog. Your chances of winning increase with the number of missions accomplished. In total, there are 5 twitter missions, so if you really want a BMW M3, start fulfilling twitter mission right now.

I think they did a great job giving these BMW M3′s and many other great prices. If I will have some free time, I will accomplish some twitter missions for a chance to win a Xbox 360 or any other great prize. Good luck!


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  1. Wow these bmws are somthing else i realy want to win one i cant afford to buy one cause thair like 50000 dollars.

  2. I want to win a bmw so bad

  3. hope i win

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