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BMW wants to sell 1000 hybrid cars in USA

BMW Hybrid

Autoweek announced the new target of BMW: to sell 1000 hybrid BMW cars represented by BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and BMW ActiveHybrid 7. Both of previous mentioned hybrid models were unveiled last month. These 2 models are about to be presented at the Frankfurt Autoshow. I also found a very cool video that presents you the 7 series (the non hybrid version of the car from the first picture below). You can watch it here.

BMW X6 ActiveHybrid has three ways to drive it: only with the electric mode at low speeds, with combustion at high speeds or combined (witch I think it’s the best choose). BMW X6 ActiveHybrid reaches 60 km/h on the electric mode.

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is powered by a 4.4 liter engine with a 3-phase synchronized with an electric motor developing 455 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque with an 8 speed transmission.

I think there is no doubt,  BMW will sell more than 1000 hybrid models in USA, these two models of BMW hybrids look  amazing.

BMW HybridBMW HybridBMW Hybrid

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  1. it’s a new breakthrough from BMW, and I think it’s a reflection of their responsibility about global warming issue. Salute to BMW…

  2. amazing beemer…

  3. manpreet bhasin says:

    Nice car

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