BMW X1 / Prices

BMW X1 – Prices


BMW revealed the prices for the new SUV X1 for the german market. The cheapest model is the sDrive18i pricing €27,200. The price for sDrive18d is €29,550 with a diesel engine developing 143hp at 4,000rpm. xDrive18d is pricing €31,550 developing the same power as sDrive18d but having a less consumption with 0.5ltr/100 kilometres and a top speed difference by 5km/h. xDrive20d with a diesel engine costs €34,400 developing 177hp at 4,000 rpm with an average fuel consumption of 5.8ltr./100 kilometres. xDrive23d is pricing €38,800 developing 204hp at 4,400rpm with an average fuel consumption of 6.3ltr./100 kilometres. 

The most expensive of all diesel versions is sDrive20d developing 177hp at 4,000rpm consuming 5.3ltr/100 kilometres pricing €32,400 and the most expensive of all x1 versions is the xDrive28i with a gasoline engine developing 258hp at 6,600rpm and reaching 230km/h with optional high-speed set-up pricing €41,900.The BMW X1 is 7% – 11% cheaper than X3 model and competes with VW Tiguan and Audi Q5.

If I had enough money, I’d prefer the X1 SUV instead of X3 because it’s more cheaper and the performances are almost the same. The X1 model is from a new generation of cars and it’s equiped with new technology. In conclusion, the X1 would be a good choice if you love SUV’s and you have a budget around €30,000. The sales will begin in 2010.



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  3. john chetcuti says:

    when do you have in stock for bmw x 1

  4. I want to know the price of the BMW X 1 in rands

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