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JD Power – 2009 Initial Quality Study

38 automobile manufacturers have made the test of reliability provided by JD Power in 2009, owners are asked about mechanical and design problems within the first 90 days since their vehicles were bought. BMW has done a good place: 16 and Audi was ranked 21, that’s not so good.

Also, Lexus was ranked first, being the leader of the study and Porsche the next position. Honda and Toyota have dropped a bit from last year but is on the front positions. Mercedes was ranked on 6th position.

This time, Mini has finished last. What happens? Mini or even mark the most problems? I don’t think so…

Some words about the survey:

Performance is measured very simply, brands that have less than 100 problems per 100 vehicles show the best performance and the rest worse performance. Problems that have been encountered are: exterior, interior (seats, displays, navigation, Audio, climate controls, etc.), engine, transmission and how the driver feels at the wheel (the experience level).

JD Power - 2009 Initial Quality Study Results

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