BMW 5-Series

BMW 5 Series GT – Photos taken in New Jersey

BMW 5 Series GT Sport Package

A reader of Carscoop captured some pictures of formidable BMW 5 Series GT which will be officially launched at Frankfurt Motor Show this year. After I saw these pictures, I was surprised how the car looks so aggressive and sportier, but it’s still a BMW.

It seems that BMW 5 Series GT is equipped with a exterior sportpackage, the color is excellent, and then see how the BMW logo is hidden. It seems one of the best BMW cars ever built.

BMW 5 Series GT enters the market at the end of this year and will go in three variants: BMW 530D GT (3.0 liter – 245hp), BMW 535i GT (306hp), respectively BMW 550i GT that will be equipped with a 4.4l V8 engine developing 407hp.

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BMW 5 Series GT Sport PackageBMW 5 Series GT Sport PackageBMW 5 Series GT Sport Package

BMW 5 Series GT InteriorBMW 5 Series GT InteriorBMW 5 Series GT Interior

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