The Security Plus for BMW X5

BMW has recently introduced the Security Plus model for BMW X5. This model contains in an armored chassis which can resist to attacks with the AK-47. Also, the BMW X5 Security Plus features a security glass, sealed joints, high performance brake system and tires, etc.

BMW X5 Security Plus

BMW X5 Security Plus was designed to combat all sorts of criminal threats. In my opinion, this is a great car which will help a lot. Also, the BMW X5 Security has an intercom system to communicate with persons outside the vehicle.

I’m sure you want to see what engine has the BMW X5 Security Plus. This vehicle has an V8 engine which deliveres a power of 355hp and a torque of 475Nm. The BMW X5 Security Plus’s acceleration is so good, it’s around 8,5 seconds. Also, the car’s top speed was electronically limited to 180km/h which is a good one for this vehicle because it has m weight than the standard BMW X5.


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