BMW 7-Series

2009 BMW 760Li – Details and Photo Gallery

2009 BMW 760li

BMW has officialy revealed its BMW 7-series 760Li sedan which is powered by a V12 ultra technology engine with a capacity of 6.0-liters that produces 544hp (at 5000rpm) and a torque of maximum 750Nm (1500rpm). This luxury vehicle could be the M version of latest BMW 7 series in comparison with the power of this engine (544hp) but also BMW announced that will not be M7.

BMW 760Li (for Europe), respectively 760i (for USA) have a high precision injection and have a fuel consumption of 12,9-liters/100km in Europe with 4.5% less than the previous model.

The design of the new BMW 7 Series looks great, the interior is made with high quality materials. I am supposed to say that the position of buttons is very good, the buttons are very nice aranged and that’s a great thing.

This luxury sedan has a 8 speed automatic transmission, and per overall, BMW 760li has a great engine and also has high performances like it’s great acceleration.


Photo Gallery with 2009 BMW 760li:
2009 BMW 760li2009 BMW 760li2009 BMW 760li

2009 BMW 760li2009 BMW 760li2009 BMW 760li

2009 BMW 760li - Interior2009 BMW 760li - Interior2009 BMW 760li - Interior

2009 BMW 760li - Engine2009 BMW 760li - Engine2009 BMW 760li - Engine

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