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BMW can now be integrated with your Iphone

BMW with Iphone integrated

BMW is now happy and satisfied to announce that people who own BMW current models can now integrate their Apple Iphones and have a fun filled drive. Recollecting the past, vehicle manufacturing giant BMW was the first to announce integration of Apple iPod into BMW vehicles. So it is yet another surprise for us that our Iphone can be integrated too. This new feature allows the owners to have fun filled music control while they drive.

If you own a BMW series that supports Bluetooth hands free calling, then you can use I phone completely in many ways. Drivers can easily make calls and search through their address book by simply accessing the steering wheel which multi is functioning. Some series even have voice control system to access their phone. It is a real treat for those drive BMW series along with I phone. Enjoy your drive in BMW new series with your latest gadgets.

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  1. Can the music be played by iphone 3GS via the i drive system in BMW 335 coupe

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