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BMW 335i vs Audi S5 – Fifth Gear

A new battle between BMW 335i and Audi S5.

BMW 335i E92 Coupe

I really like the design of both cars, but you can see clearly that BMW has a more fair. Those from Fifth Gear put on the circuit two famous models, BMW 335i that fight with Audi S5. Look at the video and see who crosses the line first.

Audi S5

BMW 335i E92 is armed with a 3.0l bi-turbo engine under the hood that delivers 306hp. The beautiful car from Audi, namely S5, has 454hp and both, 335i and S5 are great cars to ride in. You can buy a 335i E92 with no more than 60,000EUR, same as S5.

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  1. Where is this “video” you’re saying we should look at to see who crosses the finish line? There is NO LINK.

  2. Hi Alex, The video is at the bottom of the text.

  3. this video has been on youtube for months…..

  4. johnny speed says:

    Correction to S5 hp from 454 to 354.