BMW Z4 E89 Roadster

BMW Z4 E89 Roadster
The new BMW Z4 E89 Roadster has finally arrived! The most exciting thing about this new model is the fact that it offers everything you would expect from a BMW Roadster and more. It has a new, updated look and style and a lot more space than you would think.

You can drive it with the roof up and feel as comfortable as in any other sporting coupe, or you can choose to drive with the roof down and experience the thrilling emotion of the wind in your hair. After saying all that, we can all agree that the new BMW Z4 E89 Roadster is the re-birth of the roadster.

BMW Z4 E89 Roadster has a great design, with classic details, but also with new and modern improvements that make this car outstanding.

BMW Z4 E89 Roadster


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One Comment

  1. Art Harshbarger says:

    I am looking forward to the new Z4 coming to Evansville, IN.

    I would like to be able to save some money for the lease of this car. Can you give me a ball park figure for the MSRP for both models of the Z4? Since the car is coming from Germany, the order will probably have to be placed several months in advance.

    Thanks, Art