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BMW 6 Series E24 – Virtual Tuning

BMW 6 Series E24 - Racer X Design

Racer X Design has made a great virtual tuning for BMW 6 Series E24.

The design is very nice from all points of view. The first impression is sportivity when the eye perceives the image with the BMW 6 Series E24 virtual tunned by Racer X Design. One thing I do not like is the back of the car because it is similar to Aston Martin, Jaguar XF, etc. Also, I don’t like the car’s taillights… I think that was better with a spartan form. Another thing that I do not like about the car behind BMW 6 Series E24 tunned by Racer X Design is the trunk because it seems inappropriate for a BMW. Per overall, this car is very nice and attractive.

Now I will show you some pictures of E24 BMW 6 Series and I’m sure that you will enjoy them:

BMW 6 Series E24 - Racer X DesignBMW 6 Series E24 - Racer X DesignBMW 6 Series E24 - Racer X Design

BMW 6 Series E24 - Racer X DesignBMW 6 Series E24 - Racer X DesignBMW 6 Series E24 - Racer X Design

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  1. ehm… this is a tuned E63, right? not e24?

  2. it is the new BMW M1.
    google it. its not a 6series!

  3. this car looks soo much like the new 2010 camaro front the front and rear lookz like an astonmartin ..

  4. It’s like a cross between an E24 and the E63, it’s gorgeous! Plus in the last picture (the Black one) the roof line has a M3 Couple. Come on BMW, make it!

  5. Of course it`s an e24, just the chassics, drivertrain, engine, transmission, suspensions and the rest of the components are all replaced to a completely different one. If BMW buys out ford and general motors, this should be the next mustang. Overseas it could be sold under Ford brand >.>

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