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Detroit Motor Show and BMW


We finally received the official press release from BMW, regarding the Detroit Motor Show.

After many pictures, posts, videos and information, we will finally see the 2009 BMW Z4 in its true form. This will happen between 17 and 25 of January. Some people might be interested in seeing the new 7 and 3 Series vehicles. Besides presenting these cars, BMW will also host a presentation of the ActiveHybrid technology, a perfect way to reduce fuel consumption. Basically, the people from BMW will have their work cut out for themselves when they reach the Detroit Motor Show. You should expect a lot of news at the middle of January because many interesting things will happen.

The Detroit Motor Show is the perfect chance for any BMW fan to see the latest models face to face.

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  1. I watched a commercial video on ABC sunday match between Miami Dolphins and NY Jets. The commercial is the manufacturing part of the BMW. Where can I get (or watch) that video?


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