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Mini Cooper crash test

Mini Cooper

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have recently performed a few tests.

One of the cars which went under scrutiny was the Mini Cooper. Only 3 small cars from a total of 19 which were tested have managed to get great results, the Mini being one of them. The car is average when it comes to side impacts, but it performed great in frontal and rear accidents. The test are conducted in a safe environment and the Mini Cooper was crashed at 40 mph into a stationary vehicle. At the rear side test, another car bumped the Mini at 20mph. In the end, the test have revealed the fact that Mini Cooper is not only a cute, small car, but a vehicle which can coupe with most crashes easily.

Everyone is afraid of buying small cars because of the safety issue, so I guess it is great to know that a few vehicles were tested and performed great.


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  1. Eden Dizon says:

    @askachub88 Oh heck of course. He has been got the looks, he’s acquired the personality. What in addition could you ask? xD

  2. What model is this? Is this a 2008 mini cooper?

  3. @ Hannah – Yes, it is.

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