2009 BMW Z4

2009 BMW Z4

If you still want to see more pictures of the 2009 BMW Z4, you’ve entered the right place.

Ever since its first spy photo, the 2009 BMW Z4 was a car which captured the attention of BMW fans. The engine specifications are impressive. The car is fast and strong, but the design is even better. Unlike the previous generation, this car has a retractable rooftop which only takes 20 seconds to fold and unfold. Even better, it is made from metal, not from fabric. The car is long and low and the driver position is close to perfection. You can even see from the sketches that the 2009 BMW Z4 was made to be a perfect roadster. more pictures after the jump

This car might be the best roadster BMW has ever built and many people would love to own one over the Audi TT, its main competitor.

2009 BMW Z42009 BMW Z42009 BMW Z4


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