BMW 7-Series

Basic prices for the 2009 BMW 7 Series

2009 Bmw 7-Series

The main prices which of the BMW are: $80,300 for the 750i and $84,200 for the 750Li.

Besides this, you can order packages which were created for perfect comfort in this luxury car. The options are: read and side view cameras, heated steering wheel, night vision, pedestrian detection, 19” wheels, high resolution 8″ dvd screens and many others. In the end, a 750Li will go over $100,000 with a few grands, but you will get maximum luxury. If you want to take all the packages and all the stand alone options you will have to reach for around $125,000 and your BMW will be truly full-option.

So, as if the BMW 7 Series wasn’t luxurious enough, you can add $50,000 to the $85,000 base price and fill it with numerous options for maximum comfort.

2009 Bmw 7-Series


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