2009 BMW Z4 E89 – Finally here


The 2009 BMW Z4 was finally presented through the official pictures offered by BMW.

The car will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, but we can at least look at these perfect pictures and enjoy the 2009 BMW Z4 in its true form. The car was equipped with some amazing features for a roadster. It will be the first one of this type with iDrive and the quality of the interior is incredible, you can almost feel it by looking at the pictures. The 8.8″ monitor which can be hidden when you turn it off is just one of the technological additions of the new BMW Z4. You can even add a hard disk for more audio/video storage space.

Obviously, the exterior won’t let you down. As you can see in the pictures below, the BMW Z4 is probably the best looking car ever made by BMW. The hardtop can open or close in around 20 seconds so you won’t have any problems with rain and you will be able to enjoy a little sunshine once in a while. 2009 BMW Z4 pictures after the jump

In the end, the new BMW Z4 is, at least in my book, the car of the year.



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