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BMW Spartanburg plant expansion

BMW Spartanburg plant

Even with the recession problems, BMW is willing to invest 750 million US dollars in extending the BMW Spartanburg plant.

The first actions will take place in 2010. This way, the BMW Spartanburg plant will be able to hire another 500 persons besides the 5,400 workers. With the new work force, BMW will produce 240,000 vehicles each year starting 2012, compared to the current production of 160,000 cars. In the same year, the new X3 will be moved for production at the BMW Spartanburg plant. AT the time, BMW keeps exporting their vehicles oversees and the export rate is currently at 70%.

Apparently, BMW won’t have any problems surviving the recession.


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  1. brian pettit says:

    Looking into the possibility of relocating to S.C. Currently work at the GM Grand River Plant in Lansing making CTS’s, STS’s amd most recently the new CTS Coupe. I have worked here since before the Plant opened and I know at least 14 jobs. Iv’e been with GM 13 yrs. I have several family members in Union, S.C. Please let me know how to obtain an application. Thank you!

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