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BMW low sales in USA


Like usual, BMW is trying to figure out if they’re doing better or worse than last year. Unfortunately, they are doing worse.

Last year, the sales from the United States were 26.8% higher than this year. The same effect can be seen at BMW Group as a whole, but not in the same percentage. In fact, BMW has sold 6.8% less than last year, which can be explained by the recession. The only good part about this news is that the decrease is caused by the global financial situation. It is obvious that BMW could have done a lot worse if they weren’t a reliable company.

Everyone expects to see the increase in sales after the financial crisis.


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  1. The economy is the problem as usual, but I believe it will come to the real figure sales, since BMW is a small Co. it is not wise to grow too fast it will put the Co. back in its roots, since lately on the past years it has gone in some different ideas not so well implemented with the Brand. It will help to rethink seriously on new models.This is one of the things that makes it different from all the other ones…

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