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After the appearance of a few spy photos of the BMW PAS, some graphic designers have tried to offer us a closer look at the BMW PAS. Some of these pictures are only virtual, but some of them might be really close to reality. In 2009, we will finally be able to look at the real BMW PAS and see what it is capable of.

The car will open a new segment of vehicles because, at this point, it can be situated between a 5-Series and the X6. It is said to be a 4 door sedan, but it is basically a multipurpose vehicle. The exact date of its release is unknown, but the BMW PAS will probably be available at car shows in 2009.


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  1. Does anybody think they are making too many different models now? they are verging on loosing the prestige and upmarket appeal

  2. We don’t know exactly what BMW is doing, but they are not loosing the prestige and upmarket appeal. :)

  3. Good, just checking

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