BMW Roadmap for Future Vehicles

The last few days have been filled with Internet news of what seemed to be an “exclusive” inside information from BMW. This information was regarding their roadmap for future cars until 2014.

Here is what some forums posted:

09/08 E90 Facelift
11/08 New 7 Series
01/09 New Z4
09/09 BMW PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan Crossover)
2009 BMW X1 arrives to dealers
2010 New 5 series
2010/2011 BMW CS based vehicle
2011 1-series Sedan
2011 Z2 lightweight roadster
2012 BMW Supersportscar tribute / M1 revival
2012 1-Series Coupe/Convert
2012 New 3 series Sedan, 6 months later the wagon
2012 Possible X4
2013 New 3 series Coupe and Convert
2013 New 6 Series
2014 New long wheelbase X5 or possibly called the X7

Unfortunately, it’s obvious that the list has many errors and misleading information. For example, the recently canceled BMW X7 project, which was clearly declared “Not-Happening” last month by the BMW AG Board of Members. Moreover, another confusing list item is the plan to build a BMW 1-series sedan based on the coupe body style in 2011. But what is a 1-series sedan?

So the person who compiled this “RoadMap” is clearly not someone who works within BMW AG.


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