BMW 3-Series

Cadillac After the 3-Series

Cadillac Illustration

In order to take on BMW’s best selling car, the 3-series, Cadillac is joining the RWD game. The future Cadillac line is built on the new Alpha RWD platform and will replace the Epsilon front-drive Cadillac BLS in Europe. Moreover, Cadillac will expand its line up in the US market as well.

Of course, in order to compete with the successful BMW 3-series, beside the sedans, Cadillac will probably offer a folding hardtop coupe or a conventional coupe and convertible. For now, nothing is certain, not even prices, as the model is set to launch at a certain point in 2011.

Now the only question on the table is if an American manufacturer will live up to the unique German engineering.

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