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Google Maps Powering BMW Search

BMW Search powered by Google Maps

When BMW launched the BMW X6 in April, the German automaker and Google started offering a service called MyInfo, which is a system that included the well-known Google Maps. So now BMW decided to integrate Google Maps into the BMW 2009 line up, with the exception of the BMW X3. Therefore, from now on the BMW Search system will be powered by Google Maps and will be available only in the BMW models that come with BMW Assist and Navigation system.

When it came to deciding which mobile provider to choose for the US market in order to be able to use the same mobile technology as the European models, BMW had only two choices: AT&T and T-Mobile. In the end, BMW decided to go with AT&T, as this cell-phone company offers the largest network coverage. BMW’s in-car mobile technology will use the GPRS technology, as the 3G High-Speed networks are underdeveloped in comparison with Europe. GPRS is an older technology, so it will obviously be slower than the current standards, but the system will stil probably satisfy the needs of BMW owners.

The system costs $199/year as part of the concierge plan in the BMW Assist.


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