Best Factory 2008 Award for BMW Group

Sounds like a very good year for BMW as far as achievements and awards are concerned. First of all, BMW received the Engine of the Year Award, then the 2008 World Green Car, finishing up with the OkoGlobe award for BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology. A press release through announced that the Production of Chassis and Driveline Systems division at the BMW Group in Dingolfing won the industrial competition for “The Best Factory / Industrial Excellence Award 2008”. What’s more important about receiving the award is the fact that BMW is the very first automobile to get the prestigious European award since the year 2002, award that recognizes outstanding production management, giving companies a permanent competitive advantage. Moreover, the Industrial Excellence Award competition looks at the way in which management quality influences the excellence of a division.

The reasons for which the jury decided to award BMW were the high level of independent improvement management carried out by BMW’s workforce and the high level of efficiency that reflect in quality, time and costs. This happened after looking at the operating unit itself and assessing all the processes along the production and logistics chain as it all makes its way from the supplier to the customer.

Chassis and Driveline Systems also won the Bavarian Quality Prize in 2003 and was the first business of the automobile sector to receive the Ludwig-Erhard Prize in 2005, which is Germany’s most important award for corporate quality. Furthermore, the division was honored with the European Quality Award in 2006.

The vehicle modules produced at the Chassis and Driveline Systems in Dingolfing as part of the worldwide production network of the BMW Group are supplied to all BMW plants in Germany, as well as abroad. It is truly a centre of competence for chassis and axle drives.


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