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LCD-Equipped Shift Knob Released by AC Schnitzer

Gear Shift Knob

The Indy-Cator, an LCD-equipped shift knob that displayed your gear selection was in the news over a year ago. Now it’s time for the German tuning powerhouse AC Schnitzer’s own version for BMWs and MINIs to be in the spotlight.

As AC Schnitzer declares himself, when driving, people have to rely on their feel in order to know in which gear they are, so the digital display helps the driver, so that he doesn’t have to guess his gear selection anymore. The red LED positioned on the shift knob has a light sensor that dims or brightens the display in conformity with conditions. Moreover, it matches the stock interior lighting, has a position sensor and it only takes a few minutes to install.

Prices from AC Schnitzer are not yet available.

Gear Shift Knob


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