BMW Set to Enter Small Petrol Turbo Engine Fray

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It has now been finally confirmed by BMW that the company’s smallest engines will be turbocharging. BMW’s chief in North America Jim O’Donnell, talked about the engines in an interview for Business Week, declaring that these will be four-cylinder, turbocharged, and will offer stronger acceleration than the current BMW six-cylinder ( NG6 ), as well as do better when it comes to emission figures. Unfortunately, O’Donnell couldn’t give us any details about whether this Euro-bound engine will make its appearance on the US market or not, stating only that it depends on the new US Federal government and on how they view America’s energy future.

It may sound impossible, but BMW is not the first automaker to do this, as Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz have been doing it for some good years now. It was only a matter of time until BMW joined them, even though we don’t know exactly when this will happen.

What else don’t we know? If the new BMW engines will be just one engine size or different sizes and if they will use single turbos or two. BMW stated their intentions for smaller petrol powerplants when they turbocharged their two-liter diesel engine in the BMW 123D. As you may probably already know, these new generation turbos were first used in their oil-sippers, then petrol.


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