BMW EfficientDynamics awarded the Ökoglobe

BMW X5 Vision EfficientDynamics Concept

The Ökoglobe award ceremony took place on the  9th of September 2008 with the attendance of the German politician Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer. This is the second year in a row in which the BMW Group has won the Ökoglobe award in the category “Development of the Combustion Engine”, which was accepted by BMW’s Director of Development, Dr. Klaus Draeger, on behalf of the BMW Group. It was to recognize the research in implementing the Thermoelectric Generator in the car, which enables using energy from waste heat from the combustion engine, as an example of how the BMW Group is exploring alternatives for energy generation.

Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Director Center Automotive Research said at the award ceremony that BMW Group’s EfficientDynamics is truly an innovation, as it is a way of “maintaining driving pleasure while at the same time contributing to the lowering of emissions.”

Until September 2008, BMW had delivered more than 1 million vehicles with BMW EfficientDynamics technology. Looking at the numbers that concern the environment, 28 BMW Group models already have CO2 emissions of 140g CO2/km or lower. Moreover, in comparison with 2006, 150 million liters of gasoline will be saved by the end of this year.

The award is presented by the DEVK insurance group, the Automobil-Club Verkehr and the Center Automotive Research, Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences.


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