BMW 7-Series

The Private Unveiling of the BMW 7-Series in St. Louis

The brand new and redesigned BMW 7-series was unveiled in private in St. Louis last week only to dealership owners and, of course, to a selective gathering of media representatives, as BMW North America President James O’Donnell confirmed himself in an interview for BusinessWeek. It all happened with the occasion of the BMW Championship golf tournament that takes place every year

BusinessWeek reviewed the new BMW 7-series, saying the roofline and hood are lower, which is the first thing that strikes you at the model. Next they noticed the crease that begins at the headlamp, following down the side of the vehicle and flowing nicely through the door handles and through the fuel cap on one side of the car, finishing at last in the taillights. Businessweek had things to say about the rear of the car as well, saying it “is so well integrated into the rest of the car that it is only worth talking about as a foil to the old car”.

The price that BusinessWeek thinks the new 2009 BMW 7-series will have is around $80,000.


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