BMW Helping Disabled Vets Get Back Behind the Wheel

BMW amazed the public by recently donating a few cars, some instructors and one of its test tracks to an injured Marine training class, to allow them to learn performance driving techniques, but not just like that. They did this behind the wheel of some desirable BMW vehicles, such as the BMW 650i coupe that you can see in the picture.

The soldiers had been wounded in Iraq and BMW modified their models so that the disabled soldiers could operate them. In order to do so, the new drivers had to pull back a hand lever and push forward to operate the brakes, so some even had hand controls for Marines who had lost their legs in battle.

After healing from their injuries, injured soldiers are provided with driver training, but, as the Marines who attended the BMW training declared, the experience of learning skills on the race track, as thorough as it might have been, will be of no value to them as they transition back to daily life unfortunately.

BMW Helping Disabled Vets Get Back Behind the Wheel


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