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BMW’S Twin-Powertrain “Mega City” Car Plans Revealed by Reithofer

BMW has been rumored to revive its Isetta brand as “Project i”, which is the company’s eco-centric think tank, for a year now. BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has now revealed the fact that the German automaker is working on a two-powertrain vehicle, which will be combustion and electric-powered for major population centers.

As Reithofer declared for Die Zeit, the “mega-city” car will be released in 2015. After next year’s unveiling of the very first BMW-branded hybrid for toughening environmental regulations and high fuel prices, BMW will start work a car that will be ideal for urban centers rather than for highways. Furthermore, Reithofer detailed the company’s future plans for its powertrain lineup, with information about the hybrids that are set to arrive at the beginning of next year.

Nothing is certain for the moment. For example, it’s not clear whether the BMW car will have parallel drive systems or just two separate powertrains. According to BMW board member Friedrich Eichener, the decision regarding an electric car might be close to being taken.

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