BMW M3 / Vorsteiner Tuning

The E92 BMW M3 Modded with CSL Techniques by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner BMW M3 CSL

American tuner Vorsteiner’s newest creation already has tuners from all four corners of the world taking notes, by working with the new BMW M3 and attempting to recreate the charm of the BMW CSL models, therefore showing what could have been.

The BMW CSL cars had more power and lighter kerb weights in order to provide the driver with a more exhilarating experience. Vorsteiner’s creation replaced some of the initial parts with carbon-fiber elements, put in a titanium exhaust that decreases weight and opens up the sound, wider wheels and more power. What do we get? A more engaging drive than the standard BMW M3.

As for the engine, the standard BMW M3′s engine mapping was modified to improve it by 40hp ( 29kW ), so that there would be 460hp ( 343kW ) in total. Torque has also been improved to 328lb-ft ( 445Nm ), in contrast with the standard BMW M3 of 295lb-ft ( 400Nm ). The Vorsteiner M3 reaches almost 200mph ( 320km/h ) thanks to the removal of the electronic speed limiter. But Vorsteiner isn’t stopping here, as the team is already planning a 500hp version in the near future.

Meanwhile, BMW has declared through BMW’s M Division chief Ludwig Willisch that the company wouldn’t be building a CSL version the current BMW M3, since there hasn’t been enough demand for the model.

Vorsteiner BMW M3 CSL Vorsteiner BMW M3 CSL Vorsteiner BMW M3 CSL Vorsteiner BMW M3 CSL

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