BMW 3-Series

Four-cylinder BMW 3-Series considered for the US

BMW 3-Series 2008

Fuel efficiency has definitely become an important criteria for buying cars, therefore it has been reported that BMW is considering to introduce a four-cylinder BMW 3-series for North America. By doing this, BMW’s sales will certainly boost its sales, especially if we think about the fact that the European BMW 320i, which had a 167hp ( 124kW ) petrol four-cylinder, is one of the best selling BMW models. Another good sale collecter is the same powertrain form the BMW 120i. However, the small BMW diesels will not make their appearance any time soon in the US, as the German automaker is happy with its four-cylinder petrol engines for now, even though rising CAFE standards may result in pushing the decision forward, since the efficiency is unquestionable.

For the moment only the BMW 3-series is being considered for the US market, as Edmunds states, even though it will be a hard task to certify particulate emissions that will meet the standards of all 50 US states. BMW is also thinking about the typical American buyer, who they think is probably not ready to accept an oil-burner under the hood of his or her luxury-performance sedan yet.

BMW is not the only automaker that is expanding in North America, as BMW’s rival Mercedes has already decided to introduce four-cylinder cars, with its new diesels as well, to the US and Canada in 2010. Thus it has been proven that nothing is entirely immune from the mundane considerations of efficiency, not even luxury and premium brands such as Mercedes and BMW.

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