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BMW M3 ALMS Seen on the Track


A member from just posted some photographs of a camouflaged BMW M3 ALMS on Monday, which rather came as a surprise for probably everyone. The BMW M3 ALMS was, of course, spotted on a race track. This camouflage technique has been seen many times on the BMW series models, so it’s rather famous. BMW is thought to be working on the M3 ALMS’ aerodynamics, seeing as they went the extra mile to use their pattern camouflage. Unfortunately, we don’t dispose of any further information about the BMW M3 ALMS, but, as we are talking about the racing world, it’s no surprise that BMW is trying hard to keep technology improvements secret.

As you probably already know, ALMS stands for American Le Mans Series and the model was unveiled at the Chicago Show that took place in February.

Here are the photos you must be waiting for:


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