BMW X2 / Concept Cars

BMW X2. Codename: SAR


There is a rumor going around for some time now regarding a brand new BMW model being launched in the near future: the BMW X2, which may become part of the BMW line up from 2011. The BMW X2 or SAR, which stands for Sports Activity Runabout, as it was codenamed, is looked at as BMW X6’s little brother or a baby BMW, as we can see in Carmagazine.

As for BMW X2’s design, it will be a two-door model with lines that resemble a coupe’s. The BMW X2 will have the same engine as the BMW X1 and probably similar technologies, including the xDrive.

While Carmagazine UK says that the BMW X2 hasn’t been given a green light yet, as the plans are still being drawn, a test mule has been spotted in Munich, so at the time we are still in the rumor stage and we don’t know if BMW will continue with this.


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