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BMW 8 Series/Gran Turismo to be released in 2010

BMW 8-Series or Gran Turismo

BMW will launch a four-door coupe as a competitor for Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide and Mercedes-Benz CLS3 AMG.

Gerhard Richter, who has been working on BMW’s high-performance “M” cars since 1982, was put in charge of development of BMW’s new Gran Turismo model. The model is based on the popular CS concept car. There are still many rumors about BMW’s new four-door luxury GT, starting with its name, as people are still wondering the concept will be called GT ( Gran Turismo ) or if it will the 8-series name. What we do know is that the “M” badge will not be place on the car, as confirmed by BMW M’s President, Ludwig Willisch. The model will probably take the name convention for the previous 8-series cars so as to become the most luxury and expensive BMW.

The BMW GT/8-series will be the first non-M car built by the performance division. The model will have a large wheelbase, with a length of approximately 5 meters and it’s expected to have a sportier chassis than the new 2009 7-series, although it will be based on the underpinnings of that particular model.

The very first BMW 8-series two-door coupe was released in 1991 as an 850i model, followed by the 840i, but, as sales were low, the car was put out of the market in 2000. The original BMW 8-series had 5.0 liter V12 and 4.0 liter V8 engines, but the new concept is expected to either have a V8-V10 twin-turbo engine or the an 6.0 liter naturally aspirated V12. Moreover, it’s likely that the car’s weight will be reduced by carbonfiber parts, which will also increase performance.

The BMW 8-series/Gran Turismo will be released in 2010.


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