BMW 1-Series / BMW 3-Series

BMW 320i and 120i in the US?

BMW is thinking of selling the popular European 320i and 120i models in the US, as quoted by BMW’S Project Director Oliver Friedmann in Edmunds’ Insideline. BMW is looking into putting larger, not so efficient engines and focusing on the smaller ones, allowing them to keep prices “acceptable”.

BMW isn’t pleased with the 135i Coupe sales, so they want to change the situation. The BMW 125i Coupe hasn’t been doing so well on sales because of the high prices, higher than expected, so this was a draw back even for the biggest fans of the 1-series. BMW was put in a tough spot when the BMW 135i Coupe was released positioned so close to the 335i, so everybody was curious if the BMW 3-series will have a bigger success than the overpriced BMW 135i.

The BMW 320i and 120i models are very attractive if we take a look from the fuel efficiency perspective. The 3er direct-injection four cylinder outputs 170 horsepower, just like the BMW 120i.


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