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Spy Photos of the BMW Progressive Activity Sedan F5

BMW Progressive Activity Sedan F5

BMW’s newest invention, Progressive Activity Sedan, PAS or F5 codenames, has been seen once again testing with a year before the official launch date. Just as before, BMW has gone out of its way to camouflage the test mule in the Death Valley.

But don’t worry, we do have some information on the BMW Progressive Activity Sedan ( PAS ). First of all, the model will be sitting on an extended 5-series platform, the new 5er in this situation, which is to be released in 2010 as well. By using a similar platform for two cars that will be released around the same date, BMW is making the testing process more efficient. Second of all, the PAS will most likely have the same oversized front grille of the new BMW 7-series. The German automaker has decided to do the same with future models as well.

Enough talk, here is the BMW Progressive Activity Sedan F5:

BMW Progressive Activity Sedan F5 BMW Progressive Activity Sedan F5


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