BMW X5 Limousine

BMW X5 Limousine

BMW has surpassed itself in innovation and creativity by building the BMW X5 limousine, either for attention or just to be ahead of competitors that are sporting the Lincoln’s fleet. Maybe many people will just stick to the old school Lincoln Stretch. Nonetheless, BMW does have a limousine in its line.

We have some photos of the model: one of the BMW X5 limos in these has a European plate, but the white one seems to be from the US. Anything else you notice in the pictures? Maybe the gas prices board behind the vehicle? $2.63/gallon.

BMW X5 Limousine BMW X5 Limousine BMW X5 Limousine

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  1. MR COLIN says:

    i dont know what to say BMW is the best of best iam dying for x6 but i dont have money to get myself one .i love product from BMW they are the best for me .

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