German Pricing for BS4 Sedan Announced by China’s Brilliance

Brilliance BS4

BMW’s partner in China, Brilliance Auto, announced this week that from the 25th of August its BS4 compact sedan will be available in Germany. The Pininfarina designed sedan is 4.65 meters long, its length surpassing a BMW 3-Series sedan’s, and comes with a choice between two naturally aspirated 4-cylinder gasoline engines: a 100 HP 1.6-liter and a 136 HP 1.8-liter unit.

Prices for the BS4 sedan will start at €15,990 or about $23,450 with the current exchange rates.

The larger BS6 sedan is already being sold in Germany by Brilliance, but the Chinese automaker was severely criticized last year, as the model failed ADAC’s crash tests, receiving only one out five stars. Therefore, Brilliance improved the car’s safety standards by modifying more than 60 components, so that it would be rated higher at ADAC’s crash tests.

Brilliance BS4


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