BMW X6 / Spy Photos

BMW X6 Hybrid Close to Launch

BMW X6 Hybrid

The BMW X6 Hybrid was seen a few times in the Californian desert and now, thanks to, we got our hands on some more spy photos of the BMW X6 Hybrid spotted somewhere in Germany. The BMW X6 test mule that was seen in Germany is slightly different from the US bound one if we take into consideration the bump on the hood.

The BMW X6 Hybrid is BMW’s first hybrid, going on sale at the beginning of 2009 in Europe at first. The model will use the previously outlined dual-mode ActiveHybrid system. This system has discrete modes for high-torque, low speed driving too and for high-speed cruises, and utilizes a modular hybrid system, which is easily adapted to different combinations of engine/vehicle, in contrast with a design-specific petrol engine/hybrid combination, more widely used in the automotive industry.

Here are the photos you were waiting for:

BMW X6 Hybrid BMW X6 Hybrid BMW X6 Hybrid

 BMW X6 Hybrid

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