No BMW Audi R8 competitor


Ever since the release of the Audi R8, which rapidly became a best-seller, automakers around the world have been curious if other German competitors will work to come up with a model which would surpass the Audi R8 sales. Mercedes-Benz took on the challenge and developed a car that would belong to the same class as the R8, the SLC Gullwing.

Despite this, BMW has repeatedly stated that no competition for the Audi R8 is being prepared at the Munich-based company. BMW’s Chief of Product Development, Klaus Draeger declared in a recent interview that BMW doesn’t need such a model and that their priority should be environmental technologies, such as EfficientDynamics.

But rumor around is that BMW will be building a Z8 model, along side a luxury four door sedan, which will both compete with high luxury brands like Bentley.

Opinions about the need of a BMW R8 killer are divided, as some think the industry is changing and companies should always try to come up with something more impressive than their competitors, while others believe the brand doesn’t require any more “luxurizing”.

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  1. I’ve always preferred BMW over Audi as a car manufacturer, but the Audi R8 is one of the most popular model cars ever made. BMW will have some catching up to do with the Z8.

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