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Future purchasing agreement for BMW and Mercedes

BMW & Mercedes-Benz

BMW has recently announced a partnership with Fiat. Nonetheless, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been discussing a possible cooperation for some time now, but even though both German automakers have had hesitations when it came to working together, it is clear that both BMW and Mercedes-Benz are interested in the idea.

The luxury marques are trying to reduce costs by combining their purchases for vehicle components such as automatic window motors, air-conditioning systems and entry-level engines, which aren’t visible to customers.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz will share development for V12 engines and will possibly include Aston Martin as well, as Auto Motor und Sport states. Negotiations have already started between Aston Martin and Mercedes and have included sharing everything from platforms to engines and transmissions.

The joint-development of new four-cylinder engines for the next generation B-Class and Mini is expected to be announced first. BMW and Mercedes-Benz are worried about the costs for a new range of low-emissions power trains, but at the same time the German automakers want to increase the number of shared drive trains in order to match the level that the partnership between Audi and Wolkswagen has reached.


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