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Concepts of the future from BMW

Students from the European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy, in a collaboration with BMW, participated in a project to create BMW future concepts. They all focused on the language, evolution and the trademark essence of BMW, in order to form the company’s future perspectives and try to figure out what the 2015 BMW concepts might look like.

From the 18 teams involved in the project, only eight were developed into physical quarter scale models and another four were turned into virtual design models. Some of the students that stood out were Raphael Laurent and Mihai Panaitescu with their “Africa. Decompose concept”. BMW critiques were also impressed with David Raffai, Kevin Schlaepfer, Andrea Torchia and Alberto Usai.

The project was, of course, supported by BMW’s design team, including the Chief Designer Chris Bangle, together with Thomas Plath, the director of Model Techniques and Process Management at BMW, Anders Warming, director of Exterior Design.These concepts may not be seen in production in the next 10 to 15 years, but the students proved they have quite an imagination and that the future is promising.

Here is one of the models developed during the project -the Snug:

BMW Snug

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