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AC Schnitzer’s ACS3 Sport BMW M3 Cabrio

BMW M3 Cabrio 

Even though the BMW M3 Cabrio doesn’t match the performance of its hard-top brother because of the the roofless design or the added reinforcements meant to overcome this, but which increases its weight, the BMW M3 Cabrio remains an impressive automobile.

The BMW design from the cabin is pretty much left unaltered, the innovations being aluminum accents added to the handbrake handle, pedals, gear shift and i-Drive controller, enhancements with carbon-fiber of other interior elements and optional extras, including custom velour floor mats and sports steering wheels fitted with airbags.

As for the engine, there have been no modifications, seeing as there is nothing to comment about its 420 hp ( 309kW ). The German tuner decided in BMW M3 Cabrio’s case to rather focus his attention on increasing suspension performance and improving appearance by adding a new body kit and large, custom wheels. These oversized wheels are 20in Type V units. Its five widely-spaced spokes make the eight-pot brake calipers of the package easier to see. Moreover, there is a chrome grille insert, as well as a carbon-fiber lip spoiler, giving the front end a high-tech look, a silencer and tailpipes at the rear of the exhaust which give the BMW M3 Cabrio a strong note.

BMW M3 Cabrio BMW M3 Cabrio BMW M3 Cabrio BMW M3 Cabrio BMW M3 Cabrio

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