LeMans Blue for 2009 BMW M3 E92

The BMW Company decided to put LeMans Blue color as an optional color for M3 E92. In my opinion, LeMans Blue is the best ever color for cars, because I like how the color is changing when the light from outside is changing too. The photos look beautiful, because I think it’s the best combination between M3 E92 and LeMans Blue color. Now I will show you some photos with this beautiful color:

BMW M3 E92 LeMans Blue

BMW M3 E92 LeMans BlueBMW M3 E92 LeMans BlueBMW M3 E92 LeMans BlueBMW M3 E92 LeMans Blue2009 BMW M3 Sedan Facelift

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One Comment

  1. Well, light or not, the car in the large picture is not Le Mans Blau…

    Anyway, I awaiting an E92 335i, M Sport, Le Mans Blue, so you can guess your note filled me up with pleasure :-)

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