M-Versions for X-Models – Officialy announced

BMW X6 M-Version
Auto Motor Und Sport published an interview with Ludwig Willisch from the BMW M GmbH. He told us some really interesting things about M-Versions. Now, the BMW Company is currently working on the M version for X-Series, more precisely for X5 and X6. Also, Willisch said indirectly that these cars will have a V8 turbocharged engine and all-wheel-drive. The readers of the German magazine were assured by Willisch that M-Versions for X5 and X6 will have a dynamic performance.

Also, Willisch said that the M-Versions from the future will be turbocharged, will have higher rev-limits than normal BMWs and will offer an option for ceramic brakes for some models in the future. He said that BMW has no plans for Ms with diesel engines, but he does not say that Diesel-Ms are impossible.

Having a M version for X-Series is a huge step for BMW Company and sure for the fans. If you want to get the latest news please subscribe for RSS Feed.

BMW X6 M-VersionBMW X6 M-VersionBMW X6 M-Version

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